Maritime Pilot Exam around the world


Hi Shiphandlers!<br><br>I would like some information about Maritime Pilot Exam around the world. Who could help me?<br><br>Alexander.


Hi Alexander,<br><br>Could you please be more specific as to the information you’re seeking?<br><br>Thanks,<br><br>Doug


Hi Doug,<br><br>Thanks for helping!<br><br><div style="text-align: justify;]I’m from Brazil and I am preparing myself for this kind of exam here. As I have noticed in some countries, the exam is almost the same. I wondered someone would have some examples of questions which would be very useful for me to improve my studies. In this way, I am seeking for some study materials or multiple choice questions related to:<br></div><br>[ul][]Resistance and Propulsion;[]Controllability;[]Shiphandling;[]Tugs use in port (classification, capabilities and characteristics);[]GMDSS;[]COLREG;[]CIS; and[]SCMP.[/ul]<br>Cheers!


<div style="text-align: justify;]I attached the instructions for this exam in Brazil and the last exam (the only one available). The main part of the text is in Portuguese, but the subjects concerning the exam can be understood by a person who speaks English. <br></div>


Alexander,<strongr style="font-family: yui-tmp;]<strongr style=“font-family: yui-tmp;]<span tag=“a” class=”-a]I am most familiar with the SEAPA (Southeast Alaska Pilots Assn) exams. Here is a link to the bibliography of study materials they recommend for their applicants.<br><br></span><strongr style="font-family: yui-tmp;]<strongr style="font-family: yui-tmp;]<a><br><br>This should certainly keep you busy for a while!<br><br>Doug</strongr></strongr></strongr></strongr>


About the bibliography, I’m already busy with that …In my opinion, exercise the matters by simulated or past questions has an important effect on the assimilation … This is why I’m seeking another questions …<br><br>Cheers!


Doug,<br><br>Do you have any material in magnetic form to share?


No, I don’t.