Maritime Employment Background Checks

Does anyone have an experience with this?..I just recently got my AB and a job offer from one of the big companies in the gulf, contingent on a background check/physical…yadda yadda yadda… My question is what are they looking for in regards to the criminal side of the check. Ive got several misdemeanor charges from around 10 years ago that i was never convicted of and 2 that are over 10 years ago that I was convicted of but they were disclosed on the application… Any insight was be appreciated

You probably don’t have much to worry about at most companies. I’d be surprised if a routine employment background check finds any of the charges that did not result in conviction. I wouldn’t be too surprised if it misses the convictions. Obviously, the convictions did not bother the company because they made you the offer after they saw them on the application.

I have seen applications that ask questions like — Do you have any pending charges or court appointments that will interfere your ability to show up for work?

you wont have any problems,known guys with way worse and working at good companies