Mariner Pay 2023

That’s quite a spread for mates. What do you have to do for $800?

Upper end would be extensive knowledge working on and sailing on tugs in Alaska, with a waiver to transit through Canada. Washington State now requires the complete salary range for job postings by companies with 15 or more employees. The low end of that scale would be a training mate up to a Master/Mate.


A Canadian pilotage waiver should be worth at least double pay while transiting Canadian waters.

Every company (especially in the US GoM) has their own unique color scheme. He’s identifying a company without explicitly naming a company.

Now I get the point , lot of information floating around here, since I found this forum I started my carrier as a marine engineer in USA , still in licensing preparation though but any how .

Does anyone know what the going rate is for harbor tug mates along the gulf coast? Crescent, Moran, Seabulk, etc.

$640/day for G&H as of Jan. 1. Not sure if the other harbor tug companies in the Gulf have come up to that yet.

I’d also love to know these numbers