AMO-MEBA Job Agreement

I talked to an unlimited master last night who told me that within the last week AMO ( his union) , MMP and MEBA have entered into an agreement to pool resources in order to try to fill job openings. He mentioned that AMO has a lot of unfilled jobs on the board.

Maybe the unions are starting to realize that if they don’t fill job calls that the companies are going to find a way to fill them with foreign mariners.

The UK headhunters that occasionally contact me are typically offering about 1/3rd to 1/2 of my current day rate. There is no shortage of highly qualified foreign mariners who would be very happy to work on US vessels for the absolute lowest US wages.

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I’ll be interested to see how this works out. MEBA and MMP sailors are quick to criticize AMO contracts (usually justified), and AMO sailors have consistently lobbied for contracts more in line with MEBA/MMP contracts. So if MMP/MEBA can’t find anyone to fill their billets, it would make sense that AMO guys would go there because the contracts are better, but that wouldn’t really make sense in the other direction.

Also; the email was about AMO and MEBA coming to an agreement, I didn’t see mention of MMP and AMO having a pass through.

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It’s long past time for the unions to stop competing with each other in a race to the bottom.

The time is right for the unions to merge and really stick it to the US shipowners. Mariners should be getting at least as much as the longshoremen.

Who cares how many overpaid union executive vice presidents with golden parachutes that will create, as the cost can be passed on to shipowners.


Of course they are willing to do so. At the end of the day the pay isn’t that different. The foreign mariner has their health care covered by the taxes they pay, they also have a government pension plan and there is another benefit for foreign mariners that is often ignored. After a few months at sea many don’t have to pay income tax to their countries. Those that employ US mariners have to pay for health plans and indure that cost plus other requirements. All things considered, why hire a US mariners if you’re in the shipping business? They have no skill set that is above other mariners.


The foreign Mariner will still get all those benefits from their home country while working in US ships.

There is probably a tax treaty where they will get a credit for any US taxes paid, and/or employers will have to reimburse their US taxes.

Yes there was an email about an agreement between AMO and MEBA. This is great news! Engineer jobs from AMO that can’t be filled will be sent to MEBA for temporary fulfillment and the deck jobs that MEBA can’t fill will be sent to AMO for temporary fulfillment.
There are so many open engineer jobs with AMO right now, not to mention the new TSP tankers coming soon. And I heard MEBA doesn’t want MMP mates filling open positions on their ships after MMP decided to battle MEBA over the OSG deck unionizing effort.

I see what you did there.

I knew this was going to happen!
Great, so any MM&P mate that regularly fills in on MEBA ships just lost their jobs. Thanks MM&P leadership! mariner pay = $0
Leadership brainwashed everyone in thinking it would be a good idea to go die on a hill for 3 ships in ATC which most likely won’t vote union anyway. Meanwhile the leadership is just pissing away money on this escapade.
And I keep hearing rumors that MEBA may decide not to renew the Express ship agreement which would result in a loss of 4 good paying containership for the MM&P. When I ask about this, I get the same answer every time, “Oh MEBA needs the MM&P because they don’t have enough mates and need help to crew those vessels. They won’t end the agreement.” Well, that’s not the case anymore!

This is interesting. I thought MMP didn’t have enough mates but maybe that was in regard to just mates with a PIC? Maybe they are gambling on the long game of getting more tankers through the TSP and feel they can shed some billets now for more tanker billets later?

AMO is playing for here and now. Engineers WANTED! But I also think this is a good long term move too.
If MEBA needs some mates for relief jobs on a northern Europe run on those Express ships count me in. And I know some others also that wouldn’t mind switching it up from tankers. AMO doesn’t have many vessels on foreign liner runs so that so that would be some cool different work even if it’s only for some relief hithes here and there.

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…They’re are MEBA engineers that fill MMP engineering jobs with SLNC and Grand River and those are pretty crappy pay. AMO is paying way more on several of their contracts for engineers so it might might actually make more sense than it appears. @shipdriver90 this is screwing MMP twofold, I am not sure what the leadership is thinking. I share your frustration.

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AMO and MEBA recently reached an agreement to pass through to jobs to each other to help fill vacancies on the other unions’ vessels. Both unions mentioned that this is not only good for national security but also good for bargaining and will dissuade companies from using one union against the other. Everyone that I have talked to so far in AMO and MEBA thinks this agreement is awesome and is looking forward to a future where both unions can work together.
I just wanted to create a separate topic because this recently came up in a different thread and would be interesting to hear peoples opinions.

MEBA to allow AMO into the tent?
Not, NOT a good idea.
I don’t buy the “national security” reason for this pass though agreement.
We know how AMO operates. You can’t change the color of a leopards spots.


If MEBA can give AMO a hand up, to MEBA’s level, and stop the race to the bottom, this will be a very good thing for most union and non union mariners.

Too bad MMP is not joining the party.


Welp, with an attitude like that, yeah.

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MMP needs to get with the times….

I agree @anchorthetanker. And I agree with @Sailor51
I always thought it was a bad idea that MMP uses the inland unit to undercut the other unions on their deep sea contracts or where the other unions have wages and benefits on similar level to deep sea contracts. The whole Grand River and ASC drama a couple years ago wasn’t a good look for MMP. Compare it to how MEBA acted when Interlake took over two AMO contracted vessels. By telling AMO hey they are your vessels and your jurisdiction we will respect that. That mutual respect goes a long way and it seems that AMO and MEBA have continued that with OSG and this cross over agreement.


Thank goodness the boomers like you are gone from the decision making positions. Everyone can win going forward, and this is our very short opportunity to work together instead of carry on sour shit that happened over a generation ago.

Nobody cares about your boomer bullshit. I want good pay, good jobs, and better treatment from companies. Engineers are going to be more valuable as time moves on and will make more pay and have more job opportunities. The sooner deckies realize this, the sooner we can have more better strategery.


Is there any information as to how the Pension and Benefit Plans are going to be handled? If I work an AMO job are contributions made to the MEBA Plans by the AMO contracted shipping company?

Separate unions only help companies drive wages down. If you’re pro worker/mariner, and you should be unless you’re some kind of executive somewhere, you should be all for the unions working together or joining together. I can pretty much guarantee you companies have spent money and colluded to keep the unions separated. If you’re pro separation then you’re either brainwashed or a scab.


In my opinion, MMP Inland has always been a pathetic excuse for a union. If MMP Inland caught fire, I would not bother to piss on it.

MMP Inland wages are too low and annual increases are far far too small.

MMP (deep sea) should be really embarrassed.