U.S. Shipping CEO Calls for Foreign Seafarers Amidst US Merchant Marine Pay

Really good article.

The Union merger topic seems to potentially be relevant again. Why don’t AMO and MMP get together, network in DC, and figure it out? What would stop that from happening?


Most mariners have lost a lot of brain cells either from varous vapors, lead poisoning, or solitary confinement that Im not sure we have the intellectual capital as a sector to successfully negotiate something like this. Jokes aside, When you consider on average, people are not that smart, larger industries are going to be more likely to have effective leaders who can organize like we need to, because its just a number game. I had to leave the union facebook groups because it was devolving into a clown show. If it wasn’t someone saying the union should fight the government on the requirment of TWIC cards, it’s highschool mean girl drama, but with old men.

Deadass, in the one SIU meeting i went to, a union offical said the Jones act is vital for National security because without it, the Chinese would set up spy operations on harbor tugs.

Once you realize the inmates are running the asylum and there is no plan, you realize the unions can barely work with themselves to fill jobs or negotiate contracts let alone coordinate a strike.


AMO used to be part of MEBA, but they split off a long time ago.

Seems a bit ironic that a Jones Act shipping company, whose very existance is based on an anti competative law preventing non - us ships, would call for using non- us crew. I can’t belive this escaped Mr. Norton. Sure it didn’t.


There is no leadership. Boomers ain’t going to fix the problem but that’s who is in charge of the unions. MEBA has a relatively young and smart president but he’s camera shy, aggressively avoids the media, and is surrounded by boomers.

Leaderships isn’t about closed door union meetings, getting pats on the back at bullshit blacktie events, or attending panels at obscure industry conferences that you ban the organizer from posting to YouTube. It’s about being out front and visible.

The Paul Halls and Jesse Calhoon’s and Harry Lundeberg’s all have their critics but they never lost an opportunity to get in front of the camera and fight for better wages. They are rolling in their graves today. Hell even Mike Sacco was still making headlines 5-10 years ago. Try taking out your camera and pointing it at Don Marcus today… you’re likely to get banned from MITAGs.

He is too worried if he puts himself out there @Meme.Lord will give him the Konrad treatment and he’ll be laughed at on Instagram.

As they say in the movie All The Right Stuff:
"You know what really makes your rocket ships go up?

You need coverage.
You mean them media root weevils that crawl around popping off cameras?
Those root weevils write history."

The only maritime union that doesn’t actively engages the press and social media is Paul Doell at AMO but even he is mostly reactive, not proactive.

No leaders willing to buck the system = no influence in DC and no increase in pay or time off :point_down:


The MEBA has pass through agreements with both the AMO and MM&P. That’s a significant step towards working together to fill manning needs. Perhaps not perfect, but completely unheard of not too long ago.

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Perfect example. Great news for the industry, we were very excited to write a positive article showcasing it and the work they are doing together but AMO asked us not to publish the news and MEBA didn’t even bother to reach out.

The union are turning into black holes for media which is exactly what wealthy ship owners want.


No one at AMO can even tell us how to take an MEBA deck job. No clear instructions were ever given out. I have no info on it, but it seems like a backdoor deal to cover the engine billets in AMO because we can’t find any and that seems to be the only pass through happening.

While @Meme.Lord is right about the union Facebook pages, the AMO one is the only way to find out any real info and it’s typically not from leadership, it’s from some 30 year old 2M who was so pissed off at Star Center he read every bylaw or barged into some poor secretary’s office and didn’t leave until he got a straight forward answer.

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A certain union president who will go unnamed claimed to have attempted this and that all the unions were onboard but couldnt straighten out how to merge retirement and benefits so it died.

But rejoice in the fact that everyone agrees they should merge! /s

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@john can you think of any figure in our sphere who would be a good president or member on any of the Union boards? Would probably have to be someone who has sailed within them, but understands what must be done. Or maybe someone from the outside?

Also If the shipping companies are happy and content with the union, there is probably an issue.

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I don’t think it needs anyone special… just about anyone who is willing to stand up and fight who isn’t camera or media shy. This isn’t rocket science.

Not sure how the CEO of a large JA shipping company can say he can not find crew, and those who represent the crew are not pointing to increases in wage and conditons as an answer, publicly. Seems a bit of a layup to me.


Ive seen there has been one job called, and i got messed on linkedin to be direct hired for it before I got the email from Dispatch a week later. 60 day temp relief C/M.

What type of ship? Out of curiosity

Lets put meme pages in charge.


“Everybody understands that there’s a labour shortage, but nobody’s really talking about a solution,” Norton told Tradewinds news.

He’s full of shit. He knows exactly how to solve the problem and knows that he should have done it years ago. He didn’t want to then and doesn’t want to now.


You’re right, I forgot I also got that email. Issue is our jobs show up on the MEBA board and theirs have to go through dispatch which is the biggest dumpster fire in the US maritime industry.

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Yes, boomers were the problem. But new leadership is in town and has made huge progress.

The unions don’t talk to you because you are an asshole, publish wrong information, and provide zero value to them. You are an annoyance with zero chance of reward but nearly infinite downside risk.

What union are you a member of? How many days did you sail as a captain?

By the way, you’re welcome for all the airline info you got from my posts and included in your article…even though you managed to fuck that up too.

Yeah, it’s quite hilarious considering the OSG mates aren’t under a union and get jerked around (even though they don’t know it because of Stockholm Syndrome). And they struggle to get senior engineers because of a shit contract and 13.5 hour days.

OSG does actually does many good things on their ships O&M wise. The reason they can’t fill the roster is very simple…why work more hours for less pay than Maersk, Matson, Pasha, etc???


Oh I’m sorry, did I just just flag this post for suspension and f your account?


(by the way, I have no idea what airline information you “gave me”. The Delta contract was all over the news, Everyone knows about it)


The CEO of OSG has issued a response: