Mariner knife selection

Ahoy, I am a knife enthusiast as well as a professional mariner. So I’ve been shopping around for the best all-around mariners knife & found what looks to be like a decent choice: Myerchin titanium/stainless, lockable blade & marlinspike (link below). I’d like to get some feedback from some fellow mariners out there. Anyone has this knife? Anyone know of a better one. I’m not neccesarily looking for the most expensive, but the best overall for the money.


Cool knife but too heavy and bulky for my liking. I used to carry one of the those on my belt but it kept pulling my pants down. For my money Benchmade is the only way to go.

How often will you be using the marlin spike for other than picking your teeth anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had a myerchin stainless folding blade with spike for over 20 years. By far, my all time favorite. Blade is a bit smaller than it used to be due to sharpening. Pins and mechanisms still very tight and the blade holds an edge for a reallyong time. Nice and flat profile, easy to put in your pocket or sheath.

Spyderco marine. Its sereated with a blunt tip, ive put a nice pointy tip thru a finger on a rolling deck. Cuts thru line like butter

I have a benchmade 915 triage. Orange G10 handle with seatbelt hook, carbide tipped glass breaker, & modified sheepsfoot blade. My overall favorite blade. And most expensive.

Wish I could still carry a knife out here, but Harvey Gulf will not allow us to anymore since a moron on another boat cut himself. Now instead of “big boy” knives we have to use "Alternative Cutting Devices"LMAO.
At least they haven’t made us start using SPORKS at dinner yet!!! Oops, I hope they don’t think of it. Think I will suggest plastic instead of steel toed boots while I am at it.

Wow…they don’t let you carry a knife? Are you still called sailors? Just kidding, but that seems like overkill. Those Myerchin’s are really nice, especially the straight bladed ones.

Are you effing kidding me?? A sailor that can’t carry a knife?!?!

I carry a Kershaw stainless Leek with the half serrated blade. It’s about $50 bucks and you can flick it open with one finger. I’ve carried one since my lead AB when I was at TECO showed me his.

IIRC, the Horizon had such a ‘No Knife’ policy. The guys when they had to abandon ship no one had a knife to cut the raft painter. I believe I read that even the liferaft had the knife removed! Dipshits at Chevron.

Just curious what “IIRC” stands for? And speaking of the Horizon, wouldnt it be Dipshits at BP??

If I Recall Correctly. Yes, Mybad. BP not Chevron, who had some similar issues too.

IIRC… Ok got it!! Just wasnt sure I had seen that before, thanks.

I have the plastic handled myerchin same model, great knife and tough as nails.

Does yours have the pocket clip?

it kept pulling my pants down. For my money Benchmade is the only way to go.

Pocket clips are a good way to lose knifes overboard if you do any type of line handling in my opinion.

My favorite is Benchmade’s Mini Griptilian. Preferably one with a straight edge so it’s easier to sharpen.

It’s got a lock that easy to close using one hand. Can’t imagine not having a knife with out this after having one for 6 years.

Spyderco Atlantic Salt has my vote

[QUOTE=ryanwood86;62736]Spyderco Atlantic Salt has my vote[/QUOTE]
Spyderco Atlantic Salt is a great knife, cuts thru line or rope effortlessly as does the pacific salt, which is my favorite. When it comes to knives, serrated blades are best for cutting rope. I like the leatherman WAVE which has serrated and strait blades plus so much more. Use this everyday, and find it handy to carry on a belt and leave my expensive knives in the cabin until i know i will be using them.

[QUOTE=chgonyer;62677]Spyderco marine. Its sereated with a blunt tip, ive put a nice pointy tip thru a finger on a rolling deck. Cuts thru line like butter[/QUOTE]

Same here, spyderco. The serrated edge works, and the blunt tip adds a little safety.

Here are my suggestions from a blog post I wrote last year:The Best Knives for the ProMariner

But if bulk is a concern then you might want to get the Spyderco Rescue rather than the assist.