New Knife Reg at CMA

So our commandant just made a change to our work uniform regs that for all new students the only authorized knife is the Rothco Samurai II. From what I’ve found there’s not that much info or reviews out on it. The link to the company site, and all teh info they have on it is:
Rothco Samurai II

Any thoughts on this? I don’t understand why she’s making this mandatory, most of the students have better knives to begin with. All that’s going to happen is that everyone is going to get their knives mixed up. Seems like a bad idea to me to make it mandatory for everyone to carry the same inferior knife. Anyone want to share some insight that might help me understand why they’re doing this? Anyone have expierience with this knife?

Robert Hart

Ya’ll wear uniforms, right? Key word being UNIFORM. Standby, next they are going standardize exactly were you can clip it onto your waist/belt.
It’s either that or kickbacks!

“I don’t understand why she’s making this mandatory” I think you do! The answer is the fifth word of your sentence.

I don’t need experience with that knife to tell you it’s dangerous. After one too many close calls I no longer carry anything that doesn’t have a sheepsfoot.

Here are my recommendations from November:
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Its getting to the point where I’m wondering when they will not allow any knives. At the company where I am working at the moment, no one is allowed to have a knife of any kind aboard!! Beyond ridiculous- its dangerous!!!

I talked to the commandant about it and she says that they’re already looking into changing it. Turns out that that knife is the cheap POS that they sell at the bookstore. They didn’t do any research into it before making it the official knife but there’s been such a big uproar about it that they’re thinking about just changing it so that there’s specifications on the blade. I think that’s a good middle ground but we’ll see how they manage to screw that up.

I just picked up a Spyderco Assist (See John recommendation above) for $42 bucks which I thought was a pretty good deal. some good deals on flashlights too.

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