Supplies - Knife

I have a quick question for MT majors. On the supplies needed sheet it says we need a “rothco samurai II 3 1/2” folding knife. Does it have to this exact knife or could we buy any 3 1/2" knife?


you can buy any GOOD knife. The Rothco is a decent knife. I’m on my second one, my first went over board on last summers cruise.

another little word of advise: you have to buy the khakis from school, but if you don’t like them, which most people don’t, you can go to the army surplus store here in Vallejo and pick up a pair of Dickie’s from there. Much more comfortable!

Sounds good! Thanks for the advice on the khakis. I will pick some up at the army surplus store

They sell the knife at the book store. For what you use it for, don’t waste your money in a nice knife. The Rothco works great. If you want to step it up, the Camillus Sailors knife is the shit.