Myerchin now makes chefs knives

I kind of wanted to put this on the “cooking at sea” thread but figured it should be it’s own thing. I own two myerchin knives for professional / pocket use but stumbled across this beautiful chefs knife one day a few months back. I love their blades so I bought one for a screaming deal on eBay and can report that it is a truly impressive knife for cooking. Beautiful Damascus steel, razor sharp edge, and incomparable balance. Myerchin really has outdone themselves with this one.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves cooking and values a fine blade, I highly recommend it.

Holy shit that’s expensive!

It’s pretty fancy construction – layered (“Damascus”) stainless with a special cutting edge of Japanese cutlery steel.

I found one for $85 on “Electronicbay.c…” but from what I’ve spent on kitchen cutlery/accessories in the past, middle of the road. Ever price a vitamix? :money_mouth_face:

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Not that different than comparable from Wusthof or Henckels.

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I don’t buy high end chef’s knives individually so I’ve never really looked at prices.

They’re tools, so if you use those tools often, it pays to get good stuff.


I really don’t. I barely ever use a chef’s knife at all, I just don’t have a need.

Santoku all the way!!!


Where do shade tree chefs buy their knives?

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I like ceramic knives but they have to be used with extreme caution and never let touch anything hard including bone as they chip without mercy. And anyone who says they’re sharpenable has a lot more patience and better diamond hones than I do.

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Vitamix is another level. I’ll stick with my more affordable Ninja.

Another famous maker of at-sea hardware is Forschner Victorinox, and Vickies can be found on every fish boat and tug on I’ve ever been on. They too make a pretty darned good chef’s knife, also a 8" model, with a dandy handle and excellent blade. Best part is that for only around $40 a copy, I’m not afraid to try to sharpen the darned thing myself. It is a tool, not a showpiece, and gets the job done well.

Thanks for putting it down. I am looking for a chef knife to gift it to my wife she’s been using a very bad kind of knife but now i’ll gift her a really nice and quality chef knife.
Thanks again!

Bought Wusthof in Germany- damn good cutlery!

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