Mariner knife selection

The rescue, thanks john couldnt remember the name. By far the best work knife i’ve ever used and abusef

Yes it does and a ring in the end too if you wanted to clip it into your pocket.


Here is my favorite EDC knife. Benchmade 915 Triage. The fold out seatbelt hook is RAZOR sharp & is excellent for cutting small diameter manila line for deck projects. It also has a carbide tipped glass breaker : )


I have had a lot of luck with Victorinox. The knives are unbelievably sharp, last quite a while, and are very light. The belt clip is very low profile and rarely ever seems to get in the way, yet it allows for easy access. The knife and the belt clip together total $15.00

I really like my Russell Seamaster - it is sturdy and light, feels perfect in the hand, but they’re awfully expensive - took me a couple of years of low-bidding on ebay to get one because I couldn’t justify the list price. I also have the Myerchin which is well made but is really heavy, and which feels just a bit too bulky in my hands (and I have big hands, too).

Robert Young Pelton, founder of, has his own brand of knife, and it’s pretty badass. Check it out:

Well a new mariner here and havent had the chance to test out any of my knives but i did a lil head hunting and search out a few to take with me to MSC

  1. for everyday,everything,general use i went and bought a leatherman Surge

2&3) 2 rigger knives (the wood handled Colonial one was a impulse buy and waz one of them “just wants”) other one is a “old timer” Schrade rigger, these for linework.

  1. a Spyderco Caspian 2 for “when the sh!t hits the fan” knife, a divers knife but a light fixed blade blunt tip i wanted to stay away from folders as much as possible which could fold back and cut the hell outa ya(rust proof a.k.a. expensive) [ATTACH]1618[/ATTACH]

  2. a run of the mill home depo uility knife(with extra blades) for day to day use also to keep wear off the leatherman and spyderco.
    also if ya want to count the double edge safety razor blades ill take for shaving, then about a hundred of them!

and lastly a Lansky Universal Sharpening System( medium serrated edge, coarse, medium, and fine, and a added ultra fine stones) to keep them all tip-top! :eek:

I second this. These are great knifes and cheap. Once you have belt clip the knives are around 5 to 6 bucks a piece. You can afford to pack a dozen or so in your bag. That way you don’t have to worry about breaking or losing one, or giving one to a shipmate that lost, broke, or forgot his.

I use a gerber ez out rescue. It’s a blunt tipped folding knife with serrated edge. Cheap but effective. I recently was given a spyderco with sheep’s foot tip. Looks great.

As far as sharpeners go, you should really check out the Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker. I have tried just about every single sharpener on the market, including Lansky, and this is hands down the BEST!! Check it out on youtube:

hmm, well already got this and i get my edges to a poor but still shaving edge! so im stickin to what i know for now. got done packin today for MSC(Sun) and was hustling around and doing deep thinking over what i may be forgetting,only things i forgot was q-tips and my bible. most likely there will be something else as usual but for the most part it is all there. Ya know typical noob/greenhorn scrambling!

I go with something not too expensive. I don’t want to lose a two hundred dollar knife into the drink. make sure its easy to operate single handed, and able to grab at from either hand.

I third this! Victorinox ROCKS! Some may complain the blade is thin, but if you use it as a knife as you should and not as a screwdriver, scraper, or prybar, it’s the best.

Razor sharp, light, always ready, and you can afford to pack a half-dozen in your sea bag.

BTW, keep the sheath more on the back of your hip if you can. A shipmate wore his on the front of his hip. One day he hopped down off a crab pot onto the deck and the knife pushed thru the sheath and almost hit the artery in his groin area.

I avoid rigging knives and leatherman-type tools. Try to avoid having anything heavy or solid on my hip, or in my pocket if I can avoid it. It will rub my leg raw, leave a bruise, or snag something sooner or later.

If I need to carry a folder, I usually get a blade half serrated, but some cheap Chinese knock-off. I keep the blade razor sharp with a sharpening steel (not a stone).

I believe in using quality tools, but use restraint when I see those cool looking knives at the sport shop.

25 years on as an Able Seaman, this is my choice.

Bark River! Made in the USA life time warranty even if you break the blade in half, free lifetime shapening and there the most stout knives I have ever had. I keep one on the belt when on deck and a benchmade folder in the pocket.

SOG Trident. Partially serrated, assisted opening for one hand operation, and a seat belt cutter (that actually doubles as a good fishing line cutter for me). Haven’t left the house without it in my pocket for over 2 years.

Can never go wrong with spyderco or benchmade either though. I have a huge knife selection at home, but the SOG has become my everyday carrier, both on the water and the street.

I’m not a big fan of serrated, or partially serrated blades for that matter. Once they dull they’re a hassle to sharpen. (nothing at all against them, its just my preference & opinion) I love my Benchmade 915 Triage. Plain edge blade, it also has a seatbelt cutter, & a carbide-tipped glass breaker. My next, I’m getting when I go home is the Spyderco Paramilitary 2. I’ve heard great reviews about it.

I am about to start my internship with a cruisecompany in July and they recommend bringing a multi-tool as well. I got myself a nice Leatherman Fuse, mainly because it was cheap. I am still ashore and take the damn thing with me everywhere. These things are awesome. Will get back to you on how useful they are on board.

Well?? You got it yet? If you have what do you think??

Well… Have you gotten it yet? If you have what do you think??

That was directed to capnklump … Still gettin use to the controls on this bad boy.