Mariner knife selection

[QUOTE=Capnklump;68810]I’m not a big fan of serrated, or partially serrated blades for that matter. Once they dull they’re a hassle to sharpen.[/QUOTE]

Which is another reason I like Spydeco… just mail it in along with $5 for return postage and they sharpen it for free. I send mine in once or twice a year… always get quick returns. Leatherman also has a good return/repair policy.

I’ve just received my Spyderco Paramilitary 2 & I LOVE IT!!


Got it yesterday when I got home. I like it. Today I’m fitting it with a paracord lanyard :wink:

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dunno a pilots ladder on my ship got condemmed and we were chopping it up and my spyderco Capsian divers knife impressed the AB’s as it sliced though the line like butter!