Mariner 115 1986

Hi Mate. I hope you don’t mind but I’m just new to this site. I’ve got a mariner 115 1986 that I’m getting back up to scratch. Can’t find a serial number anywhere?
I picked it up for a good $$ only thing being the power trim/tilt unit shorted out but I already have a good second hand one ready for install. I noticed on the Trigger harness under the Stator that wires got hot at some stage,I think from the fault in the trim/tilt.I need to borrow a flywheel removal tool tomorrow as I can’t get the Fly wheel Hub off with a conventional gear puller. Once off I’ll be able to change out the Trigger. I’ve also got a 1978 Merc 115 and thought I’de be able to use some parts off it. Lower unit OK but I’m changing out the lower yoke and the Mercs is smaller so I’ll need a second hand one too. Would appreciate some feed back. Only new to this sight.

This isnt a boaters forum, its a professional mariners forum. Repost this at you will have better luck with your question there.

I second the hull truth. I have used that to get my crusaders troubleshot. Good bunch of regulars there too