I’ve wrenched on / sailed with 53-92, 576-710, never spent alot of time near a 149, helped a guy change a couple heads once that’s about it. Anything special to look for or watch out for with one ?

Watch the oil leaks.

It’s a Detroit, can’t stop them, so you might as well watch them flow


I worked as a fill-in once on a boat & their port 149 would have a problem of becoming airbound sometimes. The normal CE that I relieved told me that I could crack open all the fuel jumpers tubes & crank the engine until fuel flowed everywhere or just use the set up that he made up. He had a Binks wash down gun set up to spray into a sock filter bucket & the suction of the Binks gun was connected to the fuel return of the engine. He said it would suck the air out of the engine. I had to use it once & amazingly it worked.

Also, as you probably already know, keep them warm.