Marine documentary series searching for former Staten Island ferry crew

Greetings, all.

I’m an Associate Producer with the Discovery Channel series ‘Disasters At Sea’. We’re currently producing a one hour documentary episode on the 2003 Staten Island ferry crash. I’m in search of former ferry crew who may or may not have been aboard the vessel when it crashed. I’d be very happy to connect with anyone who may have sailed aboard any New York City ferry as a crew or employee in the past 20 years who can speak to the environment on board.

Many thanks.

I was a television reporter at the time of the ferry crash. I was one of the first reporters to arrive on the scene. I am in production on a dramatization about the crash called “Crash of the Barberi.” I have photographs that were taken on board the ferry during the crash and video of the aftermath if you’re interested in seeing them. My contact information is below. Thanks Jonathan Parisen Phone: 862-253-3290


It’s very doubtful that anyone involved in the accident would have anything to do with your production.

The lawsuits have been concluded and the statute of limitations has passed. People have undoubtedly quit, been fired, retired, etc. Someone might want to talk. Certainly, most won’t.

Whether anything they have to say 15 years is reliable is a different question?

Reliability isn’t really needed to make a TV documentary for late night cable, is it?

What makes you say that? From my experiences sailors love to tell sea stories. The only contact I had with employees on the Staten Island Ferries were the line handlers & they seemed more like subway workers who wanted to work on water & not underground. Those guys seemed real sociable though & were always standing around chatting with others. But I think the OP will have a hard time finding former Staten Island Ferry line handlers on a maririme site because I suspect most haven’t thought about the water or the maritime industry since the day the quit or got fired. The OP would have better luck using Facebook to conduct his search.

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Deckhands maybe. Officers probably not. Knowing a bunch of people that work at SIF, I’d say his chances are very slim. However, you are right about Facebook being better for his search.