Makers Peary not "Perry"


I’m not picking nits here… a misspelling is one thing, but it was repeated about three times in the article. Didn’t dawn on someone, anyone, that there was significance to the name of the ship that resupplied McMurdo? It’s pretty lame so if i were you I’d take the trouble to correct it.


Makers Peary, not Maersk Perry… got it, now rest well.


Or is it “Maersk Peary”??? Now Im confused…


no, no, NO! it is the mv MAKERS MARK


The name of the ship is Maersk Peary. I got it wrong because MSC got it wrong when they posted about it on their fb page. So sue me. Or them. Sue them.


I swear, this sort of thing, whether by mistake or ignorance of history is going to re-write history without trying, (pun intended)