Folks @ gCaptain


Wow! Boaty McMonday is wonderful! Shakespeare [I]and[/I] 19th century submarines! Did I say wow already? Where does gCaptain originate, and who is the editor? You will all be invited when I launch[I] my[/I] research ship, the RRS Oars 'N Whales. See you then.


I’m sensing a bit sarcasm here.


No! No! worse than sarcasm-- wait for it-- complete sincerity! I know, in these times, that’s unexpected!


essef - Please update your thread. Lets start with IMO and MMSI. In addition please provide any supportive links. We all hope it has not sunk already.


Gcaptain is the best. I heard my BST renewal instructor quote it yesterday.
Russ at MPT Ft. Lauderdale makes sitting in class all day go quick.
Very entertaining