Make it known about Bouchard

Hello everyone,
My name is sarah. I’m writing this to let you in so you can share and make aware! Bouchard transportation co oct 20th explosion took my brothers life. In the first few hrs the owner had a lawyer filing for limited liability. The man lied many times along the way to present day. He never once showed empathy or compassion he has acted with pure greed and terror. He never apologized sent flower or offered any form of aid concealing, memorial services and continued to lie. He never batted an eye over his employees he actually profited so much that its amazing he couldn’t afford matnince after the previous employees killed on his vessels. Today I want to share a link

This lawyer information actually posts up to date information about the leagal proceedings. If we hold bouchard responsible today we will save a life tomorrow. Save traveling.

Bouchard employees use stop work authority if you blow the whistle any activity is retaliation and you will be compensated!