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Wow. That’s incredible.


Good. Fuck Morty Bouchard. Has to pay up and isn’t allowed to say shit. :+1:


Can’t say I disagree.


Seems like a lovely place to work.

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Too bad it wasn’t more than $250k punitive damages. A whistleblower can cause a company to pay millions & millions in fines & punitive damages when they help investigators find the root cause of a problem in an organization. I would suspect many badly ran outfits could do a cost analyses & see paying one whistleblower $250k to go away really isn’t that bad.

The worst part about this is requiring the owners & managers to get OSHA training. The only thing worse than working for some evil fucks is working for smart evil fucks. They’ll learn in the OSHA training that you can’t fire someone for being a whistleblower. They’ll learn to fire employees for having their safety boots tied the wrong way, not clamping all the locks on their workvests or wearing their hardhats tilted to the side instead. OSHA will be fine with that.

Looks like they will be paying a LOT more than 250K to this individual. With all the back pay,etc. etc.

If anything at all, it will wake up the other operators in that particular business model to be a bit more attentive to all the things they nailed Bouchard for. . I,ve seen similar practices, with the “Premier outfits” over the years just not quite that extreme. Nothing new here. Morty was a prick and drew attention to himself and his company.


Morty will fight this to the end. Name a fine they have actually paid. Ever. I worked there and all the stories are true. There is no safety program and you will be fired for whistle blowing. This will not change and Morty will not pay in the end.

This may not be the end of Bouchard, but they are crippled. Lots of boats tied up, not working.

He is the sole reason Boooooshard is a dysfunctional company because of his gross mismanagement, micromanagement, and tyrannical leadership style is why Boooooshard is NOT the company of choice. So sad that he has destroyed what could be a great place.


Don’t think he gets out of this one so easy. Sure he will drag it out, but in the end he will lose. He will pay his lawyers, and probably fire a couple on the way to eventually having to pay up.

I never worked for Bouchard but knew a few that did. Over many years Bouchard developed a lousy reputation, both as an employer and shipper. They injured, killed and polluted for years. That it took so long for them to finally come to an end says a lot about the state of the industry and the lack of regulation.

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I don’t think they are coming to an end. In fact, they are still hiring if anyone is interested.

It’s seems that everyone knows the problem at Bouchard is Morty. If Morty steps aside, and installs a good manager, Bouchard will instantly thrive again. That’s what needs to happen.

Bouchard may survive with Morty at the helm, but if Morty stays, Bouchards best days are over.

Morty should sell out. Short of that, he could put the company in a family trust.

Morty is wealthy guy and he must have some other interests he’d like to pursue.

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There still hiring because a lot of folks have left and will never return. And, there are guys that will work at McDonald’s before going to work at that place.

A buddy of mine said the crew coordinator called him several months ago and asked him if wanted to fill in on another boat. He told him, I quit months ago

Crowley offered to step in but the figures were to far apart…imagine a powerhouse like Crowley with their foot in the door in the northeast market? Could have created great jobs with great benefits but of course…Morty fucked that one up too…

Morty and Tom had an agreement about Tom never operating in the NE again. Morty will take that shit to the grave with him.

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…the pacific reliance has been in Bayonne and philly steady for years.