Bouchard Transportation Issues

I hear if you have issues with bouchard the best two lawyers a Arnold and itkin as well as zales they apparently have much time fighting bouchard for may many many reason never hurts to ask if you have a case

I never worked for them but my brother died. He too felt he’d be safe and that the bouchard stories where just that…stories. the day my brother died Morty had a lawyer in just 10 hrs filing limited liability. Knowing full well he was responsible due to failure to keep vessels safe and up to pare! It’s been legally proven this company is lacking in saftey culture. You a no more than a paycheck for the owner. You are disposable and replaceable. It’s hard to get into places like M or other big names but do not settle for what is being called “floating powder keg” of the water way save yourself go to dann towing at least he ports his vessels for repairs.

No one has the scoop yet? I don’t anyone who works there but the evening light has been anchored in mantua for at least the past week