Maersk Bosun Attacks CM In Overtime Dispute

The Indian CM has a very antagonistic ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude.


Most mates need their ass whooped once or twice. That should be part of the academy curriculum if you ask me.


I noticed that too, strange considering his screen name.


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Perfect way to catch non-native speakers or…“russian trolls " :joy: :rofl: :joy:
I was caught once by " US Tugboating Group” on FB when they used their jargon. Took me some time to earn their trust and acceptance but good humor and easy going attitude was a good tin opener. :joy:

It is pretty simple to me. Violence of any nature or “putting ones hands on another” is never acceptable.

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Violence from the lower deck towards the upper deck is always partly the fault of the officers, full stop.

Preventing violence from subordinates has been a part of going to sea since men went to sea.

People who become habituated to obedience can often forget that the rules can change in a millisecond and all the regulations in the world can’t prevent a pissed off man from beating you to death with a hammer if he decides he doesn’t care anymore.

You do your best to provide a fair and trustworthy environment, and to not let your crew be screwed. If your crew is going to be screwed, you tell them with trusted crew or officers standing by you. Because really pissed off people sometimes just don’t care anymore.

Some people forget this and begin to feel their person is sacrosanct and invulnerable, instead of a bag of blood and meat. They’ll tell people that they’re screwed in an abusive manner in a vulnerable position. This isn’t just bad for the order of the ship but for the seaman that might lash out.


They (PH) should be smarter and give him “code red” instead. In the absence of " social lubricants" (Maersk boats are dry" this old fashioned but tested tool is perfect to cement social ties and bring harmony :joy:

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Not that I condone this behavior but you should have said “Allegedly”.

I’m genuinely curious because I haven’t kept up with this but we’re charges filed and a jury trial set?


He (and others) have made it clear they believe the accusation is enough.

I call out this attempt to establish a new, totalitarian normal of no due process everytime I see it.


Regarding the shocking MidshipmenX allegations. I feel like people have forgotten that in the USA and on American ships, it’s innocent until proven guilty. I think it’s a bad precedent the industry is setting by reacting and demanding change based on someone’s accusations. I am also, not up to date with the situation but I have not heard anything regarding the results of a trial. However, mariners should always report incidents as soon as they happen there’s no excuse not to. Accusations that happen years after the fact always seem strange to me.


In my day, we did have to take boxing. I have smacked a few people that made CM. . . .


A probable case of constraint by company policy to keep costs down. Company management not being aboard to respond, Bosun shifts blame to Chief Mate.
A similar case could happen with a containership fire, probably caused by improper flammable product packing and/or container stuffing. The government at destination, where the fire occurred, might arrest and charge the ship’s officers. Why? Because the real unidentified sources of the problem are back at point of origin in another country,

I love maritime.

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In my experience it’s remarkably easy. Company calls manning agent and tells them not to send the seafarer back. The manning agency takes it from there. Some times they get transferred to another ship but in other cases they stay home and wait for the agent to call them which can be a long wait. NO manning agent wants to risk their contract in defense of a perceived bad apple.
That being said bad apples are very rare among Filipino seafarers I’ve worked with.


Don’t know the situation here but have seen a similar scenario aboard ship. Also saw it in one of those crew management classes. In class it was a multiple choice question on a PowerPoint presentation. Almost everyone in the class said; yeah, show the bos’n who’s boss, don’t pay it.

The correct answer given on the next slide was tell the bos’n the OT was not authorized but just pay the disputed OT anyway. Tell the bos’n in the future unauthorized OT will not be paid.

This will correct the problem of unauthorized OT and avoid long-term animosity. It’s worth the cost of paying a few dollars even if it means the mate has to back down a bit.

That’s been my experience anyway, afterwards the mate can go back to his usual brusque self, bos’n saves face and becomes less confrontational. Bos’n knows who’s the boss.


Alias tengineer1 Good evening.

I have no means to asses and/or verify the veracity of your experiences .

However must say, that basis the examples You have been so kind to present, i do confirm that such procedures/practices as a/m exist .

Therefore in order to give You a coherent reply I hope You will be so kind to answer questions below regarding experience:

  1. are You a ship Master or Chief Engineer ?
  2. US flag ?
  3. FOC? ( specify flag state pls)

Be so kind to mention years of experience in items 1) , 2) , 3)
are You a crewing Agent.?

Trust above questions are not encroaching too much upon your kindness and/or privacy.


The Philippino crew I work with now & others in the past have pretty much been self regulating. If a new guy joins & has sticky fingers, is lazy or aggresive his hitch is usually short & he doesn’t come back. I’m pretty sure the crew tells their manning agent when there’s a problem. But that seldom, seldom happens. One of my best workers who’s one of the most positive says a couple times a year that he is happy to have his job & knows there’s 1,000 people back home with the same documents who wants it too. He’s been sailing on this ship I think for 23 years now.


I suspect that CM have done this multiple time and Bosen just loose his top. CM want to look good and save the company money. How do you get promotion in this line of work, or any other line of work? Its very obvious hes a ladder climber.

After working shoreside, oil&gas and offshore work, you get to work with many nationality and many culture. I hate to say this but PH are just as bad as IN…But so as Thai, Myanmar, cambodian, Australian, italian, american, ect. If any of you spend time over sea and spent time people watching and learn who and what they. You will get it.

Deck or engine dept, … doesnt matter, we all want to clock our asshole immediate boss,…both officer and unlicense at one time or another…usually over stupid shit. Tell me im wrong.

Doesnt matter who is right or wrong in this case…they are both fired.And the capt. Is in hotwater and could be remove from his permanent assignment.

The CM have it coming,…just pay the man and de-escalade the situation…and tell Bosen no more OT.
Suprize me CM didnt get a hint that this was coming.


Finally watched the video.IT’s from quite some time ago. From what I got out of it there was an adjustment in work hours which affected OT. It’s well known officers on some ships get benefits from cutting OT while expecting to be able to report the same amount of tasks to be completed. Some officers comply and others buck the system.
There was no excuse for the attack on the CM. But, I can see how this happens. Some of these guys stay at sea for months, fatigue and short tempers are inevitable. Also, some folks treat Filipino and other mariners from poor countries badly. I have seen this first hand often enough to be impressed with Filipino mariners self restraint.


Yes and the Philippines has almost no welfare, often Filipino seafarers have a large family network whose lives depend on their pay check. Their salary pays the schooling and health care for many of their family members, even a small cut to their pay cheque can have a huge effect on their families.

A CM screwing them out of overtime can mean a family member can’t go to school or can’t get health care so they are under immense pressure.

It’s quite sad when you read about all these big container lines making billions in record profits when they probably own their riches in large part to the Filipino seafarers who they underpay.

Yes they earn more at sea than they would doing a shore job at home but they are still underpaid, even ITF rates are far too low, should be at least double.