Looking to tank on a sea-going

I’m a Tankermen on a Towboat in brown water and wanting to get in blue water to tank on a sea-going how would I go about that any answer will be appreciated

Hey man, I’ve researched the crap out of this. There is tons of info on here about that already. Go through and read my few post about it but basically you’ll need your ab ticket and stcw. Good luck on getting a company to look at you besides Bouchard.

I’m brown water too and I’ve got my ab and stcw and I’m having hell trying to get on somewhere. It just gets frustrating. You just gotta stay determined. I’m finally getting some things going for me. I’ve been trying since last summer to cross over. It hasn’t been easy. At least for me it hasn’t. Maybe you’ll have a little bit of luck on your side. Lol good luck bro

Roger that thanks y’all still trying

Just go get a job as an OS or AB on an OSV or outside tug. Then once you have six months offshore or outside tug experience, start looking for a job as a tankerman.