Looking to Sail Steam

Looking to get a gig on one of the few remaining steamships as a 3rd engineer. Anybody have an idea who the best bet would be? Currently sailing on an ATB and need a change of scenery. Thanks in advance.

Any LNG tankers still around?

work on the ocean phoniex she still around. a old freightn ship. she is in good shape. was the 8-12 qmed . premier pacfaic’ they are out of seattle washington. it around ot for me about 80’ooo for the . that was in 2010. good luck

USNS Mount Whitney. There may be others in the fleet, too.

USS Mount Whitney is a steamship of the Navy.
She is the command ship of the 6th Fleet, stationed at Gaeta port near Naples/Italy.

There are 5 actively running steamships from Pacific ports with MEBA:
Horizon Pacific
Horizon Enterprise
Horizon Spirit
Horizon Reliance
But you better hurry, they are all slated to go away at the end of the 2019.

Those were the ones I would like to sail on but I figured my chances were pretty slim as I’m not currently a MEBA member

Right. USS. For the OP, deck and engine are civilian, Command and stewards USN.

If you just want a taste of being on a steam ship apply for one of the sea cruise engineering positions at Fort Schuyler (SUNY).

Their training ship is steam.

SL7 class MSC ships. USNS Denebola, Pollux, Regulus, Anteres, Agol, Bellatrix, and maybe a few more? They sit in the ROS but when they activate its an impressive thing to see…and I’m not even into steam or engineering.

I have known several people who sailed on OCEAN PHONIEX (ex-President Kennedy), 22,500hp steam turbine, 17,000 GRT, at various times over the years. Crew size is about 220. No union. Not too hard to get a job. Underway 7 months per year processing fish at sea, and 5 months of in port work. They had mostly good things to say about the experience.

We have had many in the past go aboard to get time for their 1st’s ticket in steam. People seem to enjoy it, though the pay (at least for deck side) is horrendous.

The Badger has twin skinner uniflow piston steam engines. Coal fired. Lake Michigan.

In fact it looks like Matsonia may have just taken herself out of the list: https://gcaptain.com/hull-cracks-oil-spills-el-faro-sister-ship-matsonia/

Word on the street is that the ocean Phoenix is going away as well. Guess I’ll look into the lakes. They still have a couple floating around

Seen her coming out of Seattle a bunch. Didn’t realize she was a SS

Grab a ride on the OP if you possibly can. It offers the best steam education still going.