Looking for shipping company advice, details within

Ok so here’s my story;<br><br>I graduated last year (07) from NY Maritime. I promptly entered the Nuclear Power generating Industry and now one year later I am generally bored at work and I am finally looking to ship out.<br><br>I have my third a/e license and I wouldn’t generally make a forum post about job help but I am looking to find work on a steamship. So far I have not been able to turn up many companies that actually still run these types of plants.<br><br>Does anyone on these forums work, worked or know anyone that works with one of these companies?<br>Any recommendations?<br><br>Any feedback is much appreciated.<br><br>

<P>I would not try and pick out a certain kind or class of ship for your first 3/AE job, just get on a ship and get some experience. Steam ships are also vanishing, in fact this year two left the American Fleet, so I would not make that the critical requirement. If you really want to work steam, I would imagine staying shoreside may be you best bet, but another engineer would know the answer to that question the best.</P>

For steam try the Great Lakes fleets - <br><A href="http://www.interlakesteamship.com/fleet.cfm]http://www.interlakesteamship.com/fleet.cfm</A> or <A href="http://www.americansteamship.com/]http://www.americansteamship.com/</A>

Thanks for the advice,<br><br>I’m not set on shipping with steam, but if I had my choice then thats it.

I would pick a union to join and sail on whatever you can get. Then take the required classes to work on an LNG. I believe that most LNG’s are steam powered. You will be in high demand in a few years…

If you need something quick, call American Heavy Lift- they’ve got 4 steam tankers in the Jones Act trade. www.ahlsc.com. I’ve worked for them for 5 years. Average, moneywise, but if you’re reliable, you’ll fly up the ladder, and they’re great about working with your schedule. They’re hurting for 3ae’s.<br>

Before I had posted, I was looking at AHL to ship with, but you have to be a member MM and P. Currently I am not. Does joining their union work like AMO? Meaning that the company can hire you and then petition on your behalf to join the union. Also the MM and P website says that they collect 6 percent of members wages?<br><br>

Call the company- MMP has a pass-thru agreement with MEBA- when there isn’t an engineer with MMP available, a MEBA engineer takes the job. For engineers, the initiation fee is a pittance, plus, the union takes thier 6% out of your pre-tax dollars- it’s a deduction at the end of the year. Your call. Good luck, anyhow! There’s always MSC, and there’s also OSG’s Gas Turbine shuttle tankers, too. <br>