Looking to get my mates liscence, and would like to work with a smaller company

This here is my situation, I worked for H***** Marine for almost 3 years and desired to get my license, but they refused to let me get it on my own, so I went to another company and got my apprentice mate. Then returned to H***** Marine with a verbal agreement that in 6 months of my return, I was to be placed into the steersman program. Well the guy I made the agreement has left the company and it has been 9 months and I keep getting the same answer every time I ask. It is always 2 more months. Then last apprentice I had asked it was not until after the new year. It just seems never ending and like there is always an excuse. I have had my apprentice mates liscence for 15 months and been driving with various Captains on and off. I feel with a solid 2-3 months of docking, building tow, I should be completely turned loose, but I am lacking a tour. I would also like to work for a smaller company, preferably a family owned company. If anyone knows of a company that is willing to help me out please email or post below. I have a resume ready upon request, but did not want to publicly put certain information on the internet. Any help in acquiring my mate pilot license will be greatly appreciated.

I live in Houston, Tx, and hold a tankersmans ticket, as well as a 200ton with western rivers/great lakes endorsements apprentice mates license. Any help in acquiring my mate pilot license will be greatly appreciated.
Thank You Sincerely,