Steersman job

I’m going to davis marine or river school to get my stersmans lic march 5th,are their any company’s looking fo a steersman pos.? I’m currently a mate @ TVT, would love to stay here, but have to wait for steersmans job, after they find someone to replace me? So I’m on the look? Will relocate to anywhere, have 6 years mate exp. Upper,lower,il,missiori,ohio,tenn.

Any sugestions on who to call? need off deck?

Seems to be a big bottle neck going from deck to wheelhouse?

OR should I just start saving for retirement, and not waste my money

Don’t understand. You are a mate at TVT? Why do you need your steerman license? Or are you an ‘unlicensed mate’? You’re looking for a pilot job?

I don’t know of any company in this economy who hires JUST apprentice steersman. You have to do this on your own. There is a mixture of job descriptions and nomenclature here. This is one of the problems with the industry.

Try Signer out of Pascagoula or Ingleside. They are usually looking for people.

Signet out of Pascagoula or Ingleside.

Sorry should have been more clear. I’m a brown water mate. No lic required. Yes I’m wanting to be a inland pilot. Just looking for a small company to steer me,