Future career path

Hey everyone. I currently work for a line boat company. They have a path into the wheelhouse to be steered which can be reached in 5 years(if you get lucky enough to be put on a boat where you can reach sr Mate in that time) however i dont want to rest my future on my coworkers leaving/being let go.

After I get my steersman license what would be a better path to go. I do enjoy my job on the deck but if i can reach the wheelhouse faster, why wouldn’t I.

Any tips would be appreciated, thank you!

First, I would recommend getting a 500 or 1,600 ton inland mate license ASAP. It’s significantly less time to Mate of The than the Apprentice Mate / Steersman route.

Second, very few companies (if any) hire Steersmen, it’s a completely unnecessary position that does nothing but cost them money. A company might reward a good deckhand with a Steersman position but on the open job market holding Apprentice Mate / Steersman is basically worthless.

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