Looking for Work as a Wiper in Engine Room on Atlantic East Coast

Can anyone give me some advice as to where on the web can I find employment as a entry-level Wiper either aboard a ship, ferry or tug boat along the Atlantic East Coast? I live in Maine and I have worked as a field construction UNION Welder/Boilermaker for a few years on the road in New England when the construction industry in the development of co-generation power plants was booming. Now, work has come to a complete stand still in this industry and I do not want to re-train as a computer programmer or office worker!! I have been out of work for over a year and from time to time, I have been able to work as a custodian-cleaner. I do hold a State Of Maine Fourth Class Stationary Steam Engineers Licence from working as a volunteer Fireman/Watertender-Oiler aboard a narrow gauge steam locomotive. This licence was an upgrade from my previous High Pressure Boiler Operators licence. It seems that I can not get hired on as a stationary watch engineer or utility operator in a stationary plant due to lack of hands on experience! I have applied for positions many times here in Maine, but with no results.
I would like to work as a Wiper for the required 180 days aboard some kind of marine vessel so that I can qualify to sit for a few USCG QMED ratings. I’ll most likely take the general exam first, then try to qualify as an Oiler or FM/WT.
I’m not a school person and have earned my stationary steam licence by studying on my own. I learn by doing things hands on, and self study.

Yes, I know about the TWIC documentation and have already pre-applied on their website. I need money for the fee and as soon as I get the TWIC, I’ll be applying for my MMD and will then take the required one week Basic safety course here in Maine. I am asking about Wiper work because I would like to know if there is some demand out there in the Marine Industry for wipers and getting a QMED raiting is something I am really interested in doing as a new career!

Any suggestions would be of great help.