Looking for maritime vocational programs

I was looking into SIU and MITAGS, what other programs are there, or are they tha far and few between. I’m looking for something in the New York area, I can not commit to a full time 4 year school like SUNY. . .

If I’m not mistaken SUNY has a two year 1600 ton program (although it is still a full time commitment). GMATS at Kings Point has a program that is customized to the working mariner.

Just a quick question to help your search, What department do you want to work in??? Deck or Engine??? Have you looked at Seattle Maritime Academy?

SIU’s Paul Hall Center and the UA program.

Free tuition, room and board.

Become an AB, Cook or an Oiler.

Best deal around.

I just sailed with some guys from the Tongue Point job corp program in Austoria OR. You get AB/Oiler. Same deal with free tuition plus room/board. Worth a look… They seemed to like it.

I think it’s loosely affiliated with the inland boatman’s union.