Looking for as much information / history as possible


Hi everyone, so I’m reasearching Arther Holgate, specifically the boat Lorraine, built in 1966 (previously named Dypsea clipper but originally named Lorraine and renamed back to Lorraine from what I can gather) but have been struggling to get any real information on either him or the boat. Any information or history at all on either himself or the boat would be very much appreciated.

This is Her…


Cheers, Niall


don’t think this is a place where you can find people who would know about the vessel. I can’t provide you anything that you can’t find using Google yourself but I do want to say…lovely little ship. You looking to buy her?


Stumbled across this request when searching for Dypsea Clipper. I joined her mid 80’s in Italy as Engineer and lived aboard for over a year. If you have a link to what you know or what you want to know I maybe able to fill some blanks.