Lafayette Louisiana


I am looking for a Captain named Mark that may have operated out of Lafaytette LA. He had a business where he used DUKW to take tours. He also purchased the lifeboats from the Andrea Doria from Ebay.

If anyone can put me in touch with this guy I would be appreciative.

Capt Phil
(914) 403-8318


if you have a last name for Mark-

have you tried searching using google?

Facebook? Myspace? Linked in? If you know where family lives you can search for them here as well. On my space- you can search by sex, age, location in addition to just name.

Have you contacted former employers to see if you can pass along a message?

Have you checked the completed auction info on ebay- the seller may have info if you can find them.

Have you tried Phone number search.

Shoot me a pm with more info- and I might be able to help.


No last name yet.

I have a good lead from the trucking company that trucked the boats, but I’m waiting on some paperwork.

I was hoping by posting here someone would say “hey I know that guy”

He used to date your sister or something?