Lithium.Ion Battery fires

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Some interesting articles there, sir! I haven’t read them all yet, but the ones I did were all VERY consistent on one point: they made no distinction whatsoever about the chemistry of the Lithium battery involved - which is a major problem, as some chemistries are orders of magnitude more susceptible to fires, explosions, etc. (I was also amused by the Sierra Club article which assured me that 250 kg was “…more than half a ton…” )
It strikes me that providing incentives to shippers & users of Lithium batteries to utilize less dangerous chemistries would be a good thing, as would incentives for better packaging, management systems and safety systems. This would be in lieu of draconian regulations that would apply across the board to all chemistries.

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New technology promising cheaper and safer batteries, with more storage capacity per volum/weight to be available soon:

Maybe that will solve the hazard problem before IMO manage to come up with rules that is acceptable to a majority of member states.

BTW; it is not only a transport problem. More and more ships have large battery banks on board for power supply and even propulsion.

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