Lithium.Ion Battery fires

I would say right to your venture

The Dutch opinion:

Travel ban: does this shipping disaster mean the end of hybrids and electric cars on ferries?

Does TT-Line carry passengers on the same vessels while they are carrying EVs or are they pure cargo ?

Training of crews to fight fires in Lithium-Ion batteries are very much needed.
This is a good start:

I agree a good start
But how do they suggest fighting an EV Li ion fire on a Ro-ro ?
Love to know.

Yes they do. Here is their ferry fleet:

PS> They also serve Swedish delicacies in the restaurant. Not sure if that includes “surstrømning”:

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Here are some ideas:

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That is rank on on epic level

It deserves it’s own thread !

Some of those should be donated to Ukraine to fire at the Russians
Probably contravene several treaties though.

Are ice powered cars safe on lithium powered ferries?

Cars powered by ice???
Have you invented a new and revolutionary fuel for the future??



no, been around for a while, before that was External Combustion Engines, steam.

I have been getting a few updates from the offshore battery boats, good in cold water in Europe and not so good in warmer waters, lots of arguments between builders, class and owners.
Not to mention increased fuel consumption so charterers complaining.

Ohh so he ment ICE?? Who could have guest?

Yes they are as safe on ferries as they are on on a parking lot, as long as they don’t suddenly burst into flames, which happen from time to time.
In more danger on the road, however. Lots of idiots there!!
Besides, gasoline is highly flammable.


What about warm waters around Europe, or cold water anywhere else?
I presume the effectiveness of cooling system is the issue, to the geographical location.
The same problem existed when older ships built for North Sea trade where transferred to tropical waters.

That is opposite of the intended purpose. Any verifiable reference??

Hybrid OSV is what I was talking about.
One operator was telling me has moved a few from cool water and found out the battery performance drop off dramatically as the cooling systems are not up to it hence cant operate like they claim.

Its one of those technologies where manufactures are dead keen to push it and punters dead keen to buy it and its all invented as its installed, class left in the dust trying to keep up…nothing new.

It is well known that car batteries are less effective in very cold temperatures and in very hot temperatures. They could be dangerous if overheated.

Since battery hybrid OSVs are regularly moving from Arctic to Tropical conditions one would assume that the cooling system was dimensioned and designed to be operationally safe and capable of maintaining the batteries at optimal temperature in a wide range of climates.
I have not be able to find anything saying otherwise.

Here is quotes from an article from 2020:

Its in nobody’s interest to read about OSV PSV AHTS that are engineering F***ups so you never see it on the internet.
There have been colossal design cock-ups in the past and plenty with new electronics.
If its public then you cant get on hire.

Some examples of boats I have been on;
Somebody designed several large DE PSV with 4 main gen sets…and…
no standby so when at the dock one huge gen set running all the time
The DP bridge so badly designed the crew used binoculars to read the position screens mounted on the aft cabin top above the windows.
one DP console on each desk. Boat should have never been allowed to leave the dock.
Mast so poorly designed it had major shadowed sectors of both DGPS antennas

another boat;
DNV approved a thruster control system by Berg that has logic if there is no command for 45 seconds it takes the thruster control back…nice when you are on DP. To get the thruster back you have to come out of DP.

Smart thruster controls must be one of the, most dangerous systems on modern vessels.
Class have no clue what they are classifying
If it was my decision it would be just install the thrusters and all control from the DP company.

teslars when they catch fire the FD shows up put the fire out, the fire restarts on its own usually in the wrecking yard after they have been towed in. Teslar is aware of this. there have been cases where teslar shows up on scene apparently, they have a tracking system built into their cars.

wal mart put them up on the roof some of their buildings along with solar panels as emergency back up systems, they have caught fire also. cant figure out with there track record why they still push the technology when there ARE better electric storage systems developed and in progress
must be politics and business as usual. sacrificing a few people for this Technolgy is SOP in the USA

Nothing specific about a Tesla, its just battery technology and the dangerous chemicals in them that create oxygen during combustion

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good to know. how do you dispose of them once they have reached their life expectancy?

I have been been around and doing inspection on all kinds of offshore vessels for over 40 years Thus I have seen my share of design faults, wrong installation and wrong use of equipment, both mechanical and electronic.

That doesn’t mean that you should stop inventing and testing out new things. Some may prove to be “less than perfect” to put it politely, but (with some improvement) may become “industry standard” over time.

I remember an AHTS were the Owner had invested in the latest and best of bridge equipment, incl. “Captain’s Chairs” with operating controls built into the armrests.
The problem was that the chair with the winch control had been placed Fwrd.:

The docking consoles on either side of the bridge had no clear view as the bridge wings did not extend to the shipside:

On the aft consoles the winch controls were place aftermost and the maneuver controls Fwrd. thus the winch operator (usually the Ch.Eng.) blocked the view astern for the Captain when doing Anchor Handling:

The impressive chair was pushed as far Fwrd. as possible since it was of no use:

PS> To make it worse, the Ch.Eng. was among the biggest of Pinoys, while the Captain was rather small in stature. He would sometimes placed the portable Joystick on the window frame so he could get a better view of the deck and surroundings.