Lithium battery cargo fire

Cargo ship carrying burning lithium-ion batteries reaches Alaska, but kept offshore for safety (

In a small way familiar with Wisdom’s Handy size bulkers. Lots of Haz experience liner services. Comment based on no specific experence this incident.

No doubt lithium has caused major problems for container operators. Best way for a liner operator to avoid problem cargo is increase the freight rate. At some point it makes sense to move Haz in larger quantities on a small chartered vessel. High explosives for the mining industry generally move that way. No doubt 800 + tons lithium batteries Viet Nam to US reflects the switch from containers.

It also seems containing the fire, with no other combustible materials in # 1 & 2, is much easier than in Cellular vessels. Could say that’s for sure.

Be interesting to see the full details as they develop. Maritime Executive has more detail on their site