Container Fires


Mearsk Honman,Yanitan Express and now Grande Americe all within a short while.

At the same time various articles on gCaptain seem to indicate pressure on shipping prices as the China US trade war deepens. Connectin or coincidence?

Or is a number of container fires to be expected given the huge numbers of boxes being moved about the oceans?


Well yes, obviously. Something is bound to go wrong sooner or later if you keep operating with any level of risk, but what’s going on now is well north of what you’d expect. Misdeclaration of dangerous goods seems to be a major contributor to the trend.

There are things that could be done, such as strict segregation of DG containers with air gaps and water curtains, etc. I’ll leave it up to the risk benefit analysts in the room to figure out if that makes sense. However, it won’t do much good at all if the rampant practice of misdeclaration is allowed to continue.