List of previous employers for 2 years drug tests-Company gone-Now what?

So here is the situation:

Looking for a new job and of course they want to see a list of previous DOT drug test employers for the last 2 years. OK, seems simple enough. What if one of the previous companies has gone out of business and you have no contact info not even a phone number? No email response either.

Is it better to just leave it off the list? Or be 100% truthful and hope for the best?

Some companies might refuse to hire if they can’t contact the company to verify the previous drug test history.

No, I did not fail any drug tests there but I don’t want to open up a situation where they can’t confirm that and then won’t even hire me. Obviously any company can check and see if a mariner has a valid MMC.

That form always asks for the phone number and fax number. I don’t have a working number or any other means of contact.

I’d list it along with a note saying “out of business”. Don’t you have copies of all your drug tests? Maybe the clinic that did the test has a record you can get a copy of.

So give them your drug tests for the past two years then.

I wouldn’t highlight a problem, but if the business is out that is not your problem.