Lift Boats

I’ve been running liftboats for the past 11yrs. I hold a 1600t/3000t ITC Masters. But with the larger Liftboats coming out 300’ and above to run one of these you need a 6000t Masters. How do you go about upgrading to 6000t’s and not have to run a bigger OSV or something simular. To do this all Liftboats Masters wanting to get on the bigger L/B would probably have to quit there present job and find a company who will hire you knowing that when you get the sea time you will go back to runnng L/B’s.

Does your company have one of these 6000ton liftboats? If so will they let you get on one of them as a training Capt? Some our Captains went to those boats as DPOs or training status just to do the Assessments and 90 days to get the 6000 Ton ITC endorsement.

sorry I didn’t get back sooner. was out of pocket for awhile. But to answer your questions, No, the company I am working for doesn’t have anything of that size yet. I was just trying to find out how to go about getting a 6000t endorcement

I agreee it