What do you need to upgrade form 100 ton to a 500ton OSV?


I have my 100 ton, just over a year of sea time, and my unlimited radar. What else do I need to do to get my 500 ton OSV? I do plan to turn it into a regular license so I can go overseas. <br><br>Since were on the subject, what is needed to upgrade the OSV to a regular license?


Jemplayer- I think you may be confused on what you need. Are you going to be running a 100 ton boat overseas? A lot of guys get this mixed up because if you are running a 100 ton boat overseas you are required to have a 500 ton “ITC” designation on your STCW. A lot of companies got away with this for years, but a lot of countries are not tolerating it any longer. STCW does not recognize a 100 ton Master or have a designation for it. As far as I can see you will need two years sea time as 100 ton to upgrade to 200 ton Master. A 200 ton Domestic/500 tons ITC. You can test 200 ton Master at some school facilities, turn in your certificate to the REC and it is over along with the required STCW training. You need an MMD with AB also. Life Boatman, etc.<br><br>Now to get a 500 ton Domestic 3000 ton ITC OSV you are going to have to get your AB and get on a boat over 200 tons. Get a OSV booklet and finish that with a Coast Guard approved Assessor. Complete the minimum sea service requirement and do all applicable STCW classes. Tgen go test at the Coast Guard.<br><br>To get the OSV restriction taken off you will have to complete all operational STCW classes for Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch for 3rd/2nd Mate Unlimited.<br><br>The reason I know about the 500 ton ITC thing is we had a guy that was working the crew boats in Mexico on here getting sea time over 100 tons to get his 200 ton Master because they were requiring it for him to run the boat in Mexico. When you get it done and finally do get overseas, just remember one thing. That you are not the first Sailor to show up in port and that sweet innocent little girl may not be as innocent as she appears.


Yes she is!! Her brother told me so!!


So how much did her brother want for you to take her on a date Capt_Anonymous?<br>
Confusion is a good way to describe it. I realize I need a 200 ton with
the 500 ITC endorsement to go overseas, but I was hearing about the OSV
license around this board and wanted to see how much more effort it
would be to get that instead of a 200 ton. <br>
What exactly are the STCW classes needed to get a 500 OSV? That’s really
what I’m having a hard time finding information on. So far all I know is
I need Adv. Fire Fighting, Unlimited Radar, AB, Basic First Aid,
Proficiency in Survival Craft, and getting the OSV requirements signed
off by and assessor. <br>
I know that I will also have to take DP, ARPA, and GMDSS, but you can get these after you get your license.<br>
Did some digging in the CFR’s and found 46CFR10.910 which lists all the
STCW requirements for all the licenses, but then you read 46CFR10.493 and it just reads<br><div style="text-align: center;]<pre>a) Except as provided by paragraph (b) of this section, to qualify <br>for a license as Master (OSV), an applicant shall present evidence that <br>he or she meets the appropriate requirements of STCW Regulation II/2.<br> (b) The OCMI may exempt an applicant from meeting any requirement <br>under STCW Regulation II/2 that the OCMI determines to be inappropriate <br>or unnecessary for service on an OSV, or that the applicant meets under <br>the equivalency provisions of Article IX of STCW.<br><br></pre><div style="text-align: left;]Yea, that makes things SO much clearer. <br><br><br></div></div>


Jemplayer-Now that I see who you work for, the next time you get off the boat you need to get with Craig Plaisance. He is in the training Center and is in charge of all licensing and Coast Guard Applications. He will be able to clearly outline your path. But you seem to have a good idea, which is encouraging in my opinion. Not that , that matters, LOL. You are correct as far as the STCW training. Basic and advanced FF, Radar, First aid, Gmdss, Your tests will be rules, deck general. nav general, plotting and terrestrial. Flashing light is not required for OSV. I am almost positive you will need 480 12 hour days to test for Master OSV. You really should take advantage of the training center. Get with Craig or James Bellanger and tell them what it is you want to achieve and where you see yourself in the company ten years from now. They are there to provide direction and I know they would be happy to help. Be cool and good luck. PS Have Y’all run Travis off yet?


Yea I was planning to go into the training center and sit down and have a LONG talk with the guys in there when I crew change. In fact I was going to call them on Monday and schedule the AB class in August. I was just hoping to get a little more direction before I went and sat down with them.<br>I kind of screwed my self by just staying on the small boats my whole OS career and not getting my AB and getting some time on the big boats, but I was with Seacor and they do not encourage anybody to move out of a division. If you asked them about getting an AB they looked at you like you were stupid. <br>LOL, Travis is one of our best hands. To bad he’s on the Loop Loader, I would trade 3 of the 4 hands I got right now for one Travis. I just dont know if I would be able to keep enough peanut butter around.


Staying on the small boats isn’t that big of a deal. It seems you have the ambition needed to move up. I started on the small boats and I know a lot of people that started on the small boats that moved up. My father spent 30 plus years on the small boats. The company you are with will help you upgrade. Best of Luck!


Well I went and sat down with Craig when I got off and got the low down on getting my 500 ton master OSV. <br><br>240 days as a master 100 ton or higher. (Hit that this coming May)<br>Basic Safety. (Took this as a new hire)<br>Unlimited Radar. (This one is tricky, I took this in April, but will get it endorsed on my license when I get my AB so hopefully I wont have to take it again)<br>AB. (Taking this in August)<br>Proficiency in Survival Craft<br>Advanced Fire Fighter<br>Bridge Resource Management<br>Medical Care Provider<br>DP<br>GMDSS<br>ARPA<br><br>So if I’m lucky they’ll have a class available every time I’m off. While I will wont have my whole time off the next 8 months to a year it’s not to bad, for a little over a 70% pay raise<br><br>Then I will do an assessment on board with a training officer, and I take the test. <br><br>The cool thing is that after another 2 years I get the trade restriction removed and it becomes a 1600 ton. The really interesting thing that Craig told me was that I can get a 6000 Ton ITC with a 500 OSV, were if I had an unrestricted 500 ton I couldn’t.<br><br>Now if I want to get a 3rd mate I need to take the other 10 classes needed. Which is fine, as I can do those over the course of a few years instead of over year. <br><br>Hopefully this will help anybody else interested in moving up looking for a more specific answer as to whats required.<br>


Hey guys! I’m a small osv guy as well. What company do yall work for? I too am trying to get trained up so I can move to the 500 (big lisence). I just need to talk to somebody that can point me in the right direction. Is this guy Craig or James with Rigdon? My boat doesn’t have any cfr’s, where can I get them? I appreciate any assistance you guys can give! Thanks


<P>MSM- You see JemPlayer’s last post. That is what you need. Also there is no need to attend a test preparation class at a school when you can self study to take the Coast Guard exam. </P><br>
[li]<A href=“http://www.sandwichship.com/books.shtml” target=mainFrame><STRONG><font color=#556574>Captain Murphy - Paper Based Study</font></STRONG></A> $200
[/li][li]<A href=“http://www.lapware.org/home?SESS=9a8f9189f99c8289a827c0e68985fdd9” target=mainFrame><STRONG><font color=#556574>Lapware - Internet Based Study</font></STRONG></A> $50 Bucks a month
[/li][li]<A href=“http://www.uscgexam.com/” target=mainFrame><STRONG><font color=#556574>Captain Joe - CD Based Study</font></STRONG></A> $50-60 Bucks for a year disc
[/li]<P>These are the basically all you need to prepare for the exam. You will need Coast Guard testing publications Coast Pilot & Light list, Tides and Current, TR Charts for Block Island, Long Island and Chesapeake Maneuvering Boards for Bearing Problems, a Bowditch and a nautical almanac for testing Terrestrial and celestial. And Basic Navigation Supplies ie parallels, dividers, pencils, calculator, ets<br></P>
[li]<A href=“http://gcaptain.com/maritime/tools/files/moboard-5090.jpg” target=mainFrame><STRONG><font color=#556574>Blank Maneuvering Board</font></STRONG></A>
[/li][li]<A href=“http://gcaptain.com/maritime/tools/files/MoBoard.pdf” target=mainFrame><STRONG><font color=#556574>Maneuvering Board Manual - Pub 217</font></STRONG></A>
[/li]<P>Study on the boat and get paid for it. </P>


Cheers! Good info Cap’ ! <br><br>I just wonder how many will heed your sage advice…


Capt. Lee,<br><br>Thanks for all of the information! I plan on doing something when I come up with the money, it’s a little tight right now. I hear that the money is better on the 500T (big lisence). Are you gonna move up to big boats? Yea, I’ll study on the boat! Going through a divorce right now and have to work straight time to pay for the lawyer. If I get my big lisence now, she’ll probably get more money! I have to wait, know what I mean? Thanks for your help!


Minnisupplyman;<br>Please look up how to spell “Lisence” correctly :slight_smile:


MinisupplyMan- Yes I am hoping to move up to the big boats one day. I get Claustrophobic on the one I am on now.


Claustrophobia can be cured, in your case, by simply pulling your head out my boy.


<P>The Man asked if I wanted to move up to big boats, not where My head was at!</P>


<P>Capt. Lee,<br><br>I hear you man, the way I see it is the sky is the limit! I won’t say that I feel clostrophobic but I hear you! One day man, one day.</P>