If I upgrade to 150 ton can I get 500 ITC?


Having never worked on anything over 99 tons I’m only able to get 150 tons. Am I able to still get 500 ton ITC added so I can go over seas?

I would have no problem working on a vessel over 100 tons as a deckhand if the company I was with had any but they don’t and we all know how hard it is to find any work right now, so going some where else right now is not in the cards.


I have seen a case like this before and he did exactly what you are talking about. He got on vessels over 100 tons as a deckhand to get the 200 ton Master license/500 ITC. Now you can get your 500 master/3000 tons ITC ton license without any time over 100 tons, but not a 200 ton. Makes sense. I thought you worked for Chouest?


I’m pretty sure Capt Lee is right, vessels over 50 Tons, for 500 ton Master…


A Master 500 only requires service over 50 tons, BUT…
You can’t get out of taking the exam at the REC by going to an approved course,
You have to meet all the STCW courses -BST, BRM, Radar, Adv Firefighting, PSC. Med FA Provider, and perhaps RFPNW.

So a Master 100 wanting to raise tonnage is between a rock and a hard place.


Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t the uscg get rid of the 500 ton and go right to the 1600 ton tickets?


As far as I know they did not get rid of 500 ton to go to 1600 tons. If they were to get rid of 500 to to go to something it would probably be get rid of 500 ton to go to OSV license, since by definition an OSV is 500 domestic tons. The only problem is there are other types of vessels that fall under the 500 ton license that are not OSV’s.


Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t all of this clearly explained in the CFRs?

Just in case… CFRs means Code of Federal Regulations.


It is pretty darn hard to find out much right now. And the day CFR’s are “Clear” I will probably be in Davy Jones Locker. I was just on the CG website looking for checklists, partly in relation to this thread and partly for my own benefit. There seems to be a whole Sh… load missing. Now it has been the case that for a few years it easier to get the masters ticket than the mate, for a given limited tonnage. It seems that now the requirements are catching up, but they are not telling us exactly what and when. I have had this dilemma for a while, and am slowly catching up. For example. I never got my AB rating. But now to upgrade I need AB of any type, which means that I need RFPNW, and so on. So at my mature age I will probably have to go back on deck as OS just to get the gaps filled.

Now back to the topic. I could not find the checklist on the website so here is a copy I had saved, for Master 500 ton. Now it may not be valid any more but in the absence of anything else it may help. Specifically it shows that the time can be credited on any vessel over 50 ton. And some of it needs to be in a “supervisory” position.

Any way here it is, make of it what you will.


I actually find the CFRs to be clearer than the USCG checklists. And as most of you know, I’m a big fan of knowing more than the person doing the evaluation of my seatime.

Here’s the electronic link to 46 cfr 11 Subpart D, which is where all your main licensing questions can be answered.

Read in good health.


By the way, Capt. Andrew, you don’t need RFPNW to get your AB.

Here is the cfr that explains it.


CFR 46

§ 10.422 Tonnage limitations and qualifying requirements for licenses as master or mate of vessels of not more than 200 gross tons.

(a) Except as noted in paragraph (e), all licenses issued for master or mate of vessels of not more than 200 gross tons are issued in 50 gross ton increments based on the applicant’s qualifying experience.
[B]The license is limited to the maximum tonnage on which at least 25 percent of the required experience was obtained, or 150 percent of the maximum tonnage on which at least 50 percent of the service was obtained, whichever is higher.[/B]

Limitations are in multiples of 50 gross tons using the next higher figure when an intermediate tonnage is calculated.

(b) The tonnage limitation on these licenses may be raised upon completion of:
(1) At least 45 days of additional service on deck on a vessel of a higher tonnage for a tonnage increase on a mate’s license; or,
(2) At least 90 days of additional service on deck on a vessel of a higher tonnage for a tonnage increase on a mas- ter’s license; or,
(3) Additional service, which, when combined with all previously accumulated service, will qualify the applicant for a higher tonnage license under the basic formula; or,
(4) Six months additional service in the deck department on vessels within the highest tonnage increment on the license. In this case, the tonnage limitation may be raised one increment.
© When the service is obtained on vessels upon which licensed personnel are not required, the OCMI must be satisfied that the nature of this qualifying service (i.e., size of vessel, route, equipment, etc.) is a reasonable equivalent to the duties performed on vessels which are required to engage licensed individuals.
(d) Service gained in the engineroom on vessels of not more than 200 gross tons may be creditable for up to 25 percent of the deck service requirements for mate.
(e) When the qualifying service is obtained upon vessels of five gross tons or less, the license will be limited to vessels of not more than 25 gross tons.


Sorta the same question…

If I have a 100 ton master NC and want to upgrade to 200 NC master

  1. can I use the Small Vessel Sea Service Form and write my own time n a 17 grt boat to satisfy the 200 master requirment: 360 days as a master/mate while holding a M/M license? Is there a tonnage requirment for the M/M requirment?

  2. I can satisfy the recency/tonnage sea service because Ive been working on a 900 ton boat as an AB.



Yes, in the new CFR re-writes that Danzante posted it states that 500 grt masters and mates will be re-newed, but no new MMC’s issued.

To upgrade to 1600 you will need 6 months >75 grt for mate and 6 months >150 grt for master. You can use sea time that originally qualified you for the license.

Anyone know where I can find “present” info on 500 GRT to 1600 “scope increase”.
I have referenced policy letter 01-02 and 16-02 in section 11 where it states:

“Effective 1 February 2002, an applicant who holds a 500 GRT license and STCW certification that were issued based on the old licensing scheme, wishing to upgrade to 1600 GRT must meet the sea service requirements”

Problem is this policy letter is addressed to “Applicants for Mate”.

I read somewhere here where Capt. Lee mentioned that you could increase scope, but I can’t find it anymore.
As Capt. Fran always says, I just want to be prepared for the evaluator.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.