100 ton to 500 ton osv

I’m.new here and have a few questions. I have a 100 ton and nothing else…except for my FCC and dp advanced . Been looking into the upgrade and was wondering at what point do I need to get pre approval from the coast guard to sit for the exams. Do I need all the ab, gmdss,stcw,radar, and whatever else they require first or do get the letter and then start taking classes. I been working offshore for about 13 years, so sea time is not a question .
Does anyone know if the sea school in mobile is any good for the pep class for 500 ton.

Well dispatcher just called and its time to load some casing…y’all be safe!

Yes, you need the classes first. Look at the checklist on the NMC website and take those classes. Then you should apply. I don’t think they are teaching that right now in Mobile but you could call them.

Sea School is not worth it. Don’t waste your time and money. At least in Mobile.

Don’t wait too long to apply. The USCG/STCW reg changes will be published by Thanksgiving. Can’t say for sure what will change, but it will only be harder and more expensive to upgrade if you apply too late.


I just finished this upgrade. Get lapware. I used it and can’t say enough good about it! Good luck!