Life after kirby

I’ve been working for Kirby inland as a tankerman for a few years now. It was a good ride for a while but seems that its just not a good fit for me anymore. It’s very political with the office so I can’t seem to change divisions and go to the offshore side or even get transfered to a different boat with a more professional acting crew. I have heard for years now that Kirby is a great stepping stone to better companies. Any ideas where I should start? I’ve got an AB special and a tankerman barge-DL with a few years expieriance. I can move anywhere as I don’t have any tiedowns. I’m thinking I want to try bluewater for a while. I’m open to anything… ATB’s, bunkering, wireboats, GOM, east coast… Any ex-kirby guys care to chime in? Thanks Bubba E.

Try Reinauer Transportation Co. in Staten Island. They are a good NY outfit and the highest paid tankermen in the Northeast. Good luck.

If you’ve had trouble moving from KIM to KOM it’s because the only thing they share in common is their first name. There the list ends. You would be better off just quitting your job at KIM and calling Ed Pickman at KOM yourself. They’d never know the difference. Now, keep in mind, that would be if you wanted to stay Kirby. I think the right thing to do would be what was said above. Call Reinauer and Moran. They are the lesser of the many evils. KOM would be a so/so back up to those two, but nothing more.

Definitely, definitely call Tom Lamm at Vane Brothers. They just absorbed a whole bunch of KOM’s fleet but didn’t take much or any of the crews with the boats. Lot’s of bunks to fill. Tom Lamm is a good guy and would be more than happy to talk to you.

Good luck Bubba!

Check out the company Hornbeck just sold their tugs to.

That’s what I’d suggest

Big money or so a bird or two has told me

If you don’t mind the union factor, Crowley has good paying AB/ Tankerman jobs on their ATB’s. I know the 550/650 boats do 28/28 and the 750’s do 45/45. I know the money is good on the 750’s for AB/T.

I can only speak first hand about Vane Brothers and they are a great company and from what I am reading they are expanding the fleet by purchasing more units. As for the other companies I agree with the other posters and the company Hornbeck sold to is “genesis marine”

I also heard this today. They are offering incentives to keep experience around.