Letters of recommendation

getting ready to submit my package to NMC. For my letters of recommendation, does anybody out there have a sample that i could cut/paste/copy (plagerize). I’ve found people are far more likely to sign a letter if all the legwork is done, and all they have to do is throw a signature on it. I’m applying for 2 A/E based on prior experience.
Appreciate any help. Thanks,

Rat, this is what I used for my masters license…


Commanding Officer (R.E.C.)
U.S.C.G. Marine Safety Officer
U.S. Custom House

Dear Sir,
I am a U.S.C.G. Licensed Master and am writing this letter on behalf of (your name here). I have known (your name here) for atleast ten years and find him to be a reliable person with strong leadership skills, capable of operating vessels and serving as Captain.
It is my pleaseure to recommend (your name here) to the Coast Gaurd for his masters license.

sign_________________ license #________________

phone number_______________

Hope this helps you out.


There is no legwork to do. “It is my opinion that Retired Rat is ready and capable to fulfill the duties as required of the capacity applied herein…yadda yadda” signed anchorman. Nothing special. It can say “He will be a good officer in my opinion” signed anchorman. Never heard of a recommendation getting rejected. Just make sure they put their license number, type, and company with phone number.

Anchrman, I have! I was in the local REC one day and witnessed a guy get his letter rejected because it said he was a great officer but didn’t mention if he was a decent person. Another guy walked in a hour later with a letter from his priest and he sailed right thru. Things may have changed now that the NMC is runnning the show but I’d make sure to include the words “Retired Ra is a person of good charector”.

The following is from the application package notice it’s titled “Charector References”

<strong>Character References (Original Applicants Only)</strong>:
For original applicants, three written recommendations attesting to your suitability for a merchant mariner license must be submitted.

-<strong>Unlimited Deck License</strong> (i.e., 3rd Mate, 2nd Mate, Chief Mate, and Master of Any Gross Tons),

the recommendations must be from a Master and two other licensed officers of vessels on which

the applicant has served.

-<strong>Unlimited License as Engineer </strong>(i.e., 3rd Assistant Engineer, 2nd Assistant Engineer, 1st Assistant

Engineer, and Chief Engineer unlimited) or Licensed Pilot, at least one of the recommendations

must be from a Chief Engineer or licensed pilot of a vessel on which the applicant has served.

-<strong>License for which no commercial experience may be required</strong> (e.g., Master or Mate 25 – 200

gross tons, or Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels), the applicant may have written

recommendations from three persons who have knowledge of the applicant’s suitability for duty.

-<strong>Approved Training School:</strong> When an applicant qualifies for a license through an approved

training school, such as a Maritime Academy, one reference must be from an official of that


Retired Rat,

Use the Comments section of your fitreps (back page/second page, or what ever it is these days). That’s what I did and it worked just fine! You won’t need anything else.

Like I said same letter as above, fill in the blanks, worked fine 6 mo. ago. The school I went to gave me a sample to go by. Just dont get your priest to sign off, just licensed officers that you have worked under or know.