Let's get specific

I am a returning merchant marine, currently employed as a ‘wiper’. My QMED expired in 2001. I am getting my QMED rating back within the next 30 days. Specifically, I am now seeking my 3rd A/E; Where can I take a test prep class that “works”, and will help me to achieve a successful exam score? I am getting old and impatient, I don’t want to do the trial and error process. Thanks, JJG

I’ve found the disks from http://hawsepipe.net to be the most useful study tool around. Taking a few practice tests tells you very quickly the areas where you need more study. Once your routinely getting an 80% or 85% passing score on the practice exams, you shouldn’t have any problem with the USCG exams. The disks also come with a bunch of Navy training manuals for reference. Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy has a one on one test prep for about $1k / week. I don’t know of any courses specifically for 3 A/E though.