3rd A/E BEST Prep Exam

There’s a few websites out there that have study preps but not sure which one is the best. Any suggestions would help before I buy. Thanks

Mariner Advancement-$119.99
Seasources.net- Also has an app
Lapware-$100 per month(I heard these guys are the best but could be pricey)

Mariner Advancement is great. Used it for my 3 a/e and my 1 a/e exams. Joe, the guy who makes it, is a really great guy. Quick to answer emails and super helpful.

You can throw it in your bag and bring it anywhere you bring a laptop.

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I used mariner advancement as well. It was adequate.

Gotta go with Mariner Advancement too. I like that you dont need internet access to use the program. Great for deep sea studying.

@W.T.Sherman, @ko0k, & @MFOWelectrician… thanks for that info. Mariner Advancement it is then =]

You can ask 100 people how to pass the exam and you’ll get 100 different answers with one common denominator. You have to study. No way around that, good luck to you.

@MFOWelectrician very very true. Going on 10 years as a Q-MED and I seen and learned a lot of stuff out here in the gulf and overseas. At 28 years old I think its time for an upgrade. Thanks