Leonard Nimoy passed away today

Very sad to hear this news, what a great actor. RIP Mr. Spock

Oh what a shame. RIP.

He did live long and he did prosper. I was really hoping for him to be used again in the new movies this sucks. The new alternate timeline really opened up the possibility of him continuing to contribute to the franchise.

Nimoy will be missed. My favorite show he did was the “In Search Of” series from the late 70’s

so now it’s Billie Shatner’s turn…

There is a PHAT PHUCK that the world will not miss when gone!

to everyone comes a time…Leonard Nimoy was a very unique individual. Something of an iconoclast in entertainment. Certainly not of the culture.

how many remember his series “In Search Of” from the late 70’s?

His iconic character Mr. Spock was the first to make being a nerd look cool.

He will be missed.

He was awesome- of course, my real inspiration from the show was James Doohan (Scotty) who was one of the first of them to pass on.


And Nimoy could sing! For a gag I bought a combo CD with him and Shatner singing. It’s a hoot. I used to use it to get the kids out of bed!

Hopefully they know where the Genesis planet is and have a photon torpedo.

RIP Mr. Nimoy

Yup he brought a character to life that we all know and love, even if we arent nerds and Trekkies.

RIP Mr Nimoy.

The best way to honor him is to remember the entertainment he brought to us. He was a pioneer in television and in sci-fi. He will be sadly missed. LLAP