Geno Spaulding RIP

I struggled over posting this here, but the info is going out on Facebook and the forums he frequented.

Capt. Geno Spaulding, who retired from MM&P just a few years ago, passed away on Jan 5.

I figured some of you guys might know him, or worked with him at some time or other.

He was a Navy vet, and later worked a lot of west coast ships. I recall seeing SS Comet somewhere in the list, but there were many more.

I did not know him personally, but he seemed like a great guy, loved blues, bluegrass, Indian motorcycles, Hawaii, politics, and being a good friend, so if you feel so inclined, raise your glass to Geno- and wish him a grand farewell, with fair winds and following seas, into the next plane of existence.

Rest in Peace Geno.