Leadership and teamwork STCW

I need thus class asap for my renewal. I am in NYC. SUNY doesn’t have it until 2018.

Does anyone know where I can get a seat within driving distance?

It doesn’t have to be a course. You meet this requirement on the vessel you work on by use assessments nos. 18.1.A to 18.5.A from the OICNW NVIC or nos. 16.1.A to 16.4.A from the OICEW NVIC.

You can also meet this requirement with the Leadership and Managerial Skills course. If you plan on upgrading to Chief Mate, Master, Chief Engineer, or Second Engineer Officer (!st AE) you are going to need this course so you can take care of both with one course.

If you go the assessment route get it done quick. The rules for whom can be an assessor change after the end of the year, right @jdcavo?

I should have thought of that. If they are being signed by someone not approved as a “Qualified Assessor” (QA), they have to be signed before 1/1/2018, and submitted to NMC before 6/30/2018.

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So to be clear, I can meet the STCW requirements by having another officer sign off on the appropriate assesssments? And that individual will need to be a QA next year?

Read what I wrote again. If necessary, read it out loud and very slowly.

You could also look at paragraph 5.b.1 of Enclosure (1) here, or here.


I realize this is not Asap, but I recommend atonmaritime.com online course (teamwork and managerial skills)

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I am the admin for SLCC Marine Department. We do offer the Leadership and Managerial Skills. We are located in Houma, LA. The course fee is currently $650.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to speak to our Instructor and Marine Coordinator Mr. Carlos Nosworthy. His office number is 985-448-5951 or you can email him at carlos.nosworthy@solacc.edu.