Lack of new threads?

well, generally it takes a challenging issue to challenge a bunch of engineers who have seen more than most peoples problems can dream up.

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I am ready to start posting again, I have a fun project going on and I want to share.

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On the rare occasions when I do buy new clothes I’m usually a season behind, winter clothes in April & summer clothes in August, September. It makes sense for working in the Southern Hemisphere but really the majority of my wardrobe is 2-5 years old with some old favorites closer to 15 yrs old. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, I just don’t need a bunch a new threads all the time.


ok I will make some


A kindred spirit. My wife is well familiar with my views and reluctance to visit clothing stores.


ok cajaya, what are you building?

I have not posted on here in awhile what is the best way to post pictures

darned if i know. usually there is a paperclip or something one clicks on which enables you to find pics on your ‘device’.
just click on a bunch of things, it should be there somewhere. If you’re like me you may have to log back on 6 or 8 times before you find it !!!

Follow me as I revive this dead engine room. Will this vessel ever sail again? Only time will tell…

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WOW!!! that’s so clean looking … it’s gotta run … how about taking another pic from further back?

The condition of the machinery is one thing. The condition of the piping to all that machinery can be just as big a headache. That said, with enough money just about anything can be fixed or replaced.,

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batteries in the bilge…love it

Yup there was flooding and the batteries will need to be changed

Not . . . .gonna. . . . say. . . .it. . . . .


I think that dead horse has been beaten enough.

I sailed a processor once where the sea water intake BEFORE the strainers had been patched so many times it wasn’t funny. I thought if I had to shut the sea valves off they would break the pipe before they ever turned as I don’t think they’d been turned in a long time so yes chief seadog, replacing that piping could be major … which always makes me remember all the monel pipes on govt. ship$!
I’ve also been aboard places where the batteries at shoulder level were better placed ANYWHERE else so I won’t criticize batts in the bilge much… (as long as the diesel shut off valve isn’t electric!! we don’t know if cajaya’s boat has gensets in the bottom anyway! anyway, he has a clean looking place with new looking batteries so i figure the engines run.
so… cajaya, waiting for more!?

Next project should be to fabricate some battery boxes and mount them on the deck plate.

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there prob isn’t room on the deck by the looks of the lay out.

I’m too busy and not least far away from a proper keyboard to contribute much these days. If we’re going full OldPeopleFacebook, I recently did a repower project I can share when I get back.

I also got some footage from the engine room of a very old school steam boat, but there’s no way I’m going to edit that on my phone.