Know anything about Trico Marine?

Hi all,<br><br>With all my new AB stuff in hand im starting to look at companies. Does anyoneknow anything about Trico Marine?<br><br>Ive Googled, searched here, and checked their stock prices. Not much out there and was hoping for some local knowledge.<br><br>Thanks,<br>Chris

Trico is a fairly decent company. The only thing, they have not build anything in a while. But they are building a new supplyboat. Not sure the spec’s on it. But I would think being a new boat, you’ll have the ones who have been with the company a while, that will get first shot.<br><br>I don’t know where they rank as far as pay.<br><br>Good luck

Trico is building 2 GPA 640’s (just like the Rigdon/Gulfmark boats). The Trico Mystic has been seen around Fourchon back in the middle of September.