Knocking On Doors: Houston

Hey all,
I’ll be heading to Houston to try and interview with as many companies as I can; Seadrill, Transocean, Nobel, Diamond, ect. Because it’s so difficult to contact anyone in the Human Resources or recruiting, I’m putting on a suit and going in cold. I was wondering if any of you out there may have some experience with this endeavor, and can pass on some lessons learned or advice. I’m a hawse piper holding a 2nd Unlimited Near Coastal and a DP Basic book, looking to tack on a 1600 Masters NC by the time I arrive in Texas. It’s off to Louisiana after that to try my luck down there. Thank’s a lot in advance, and good sailing.

Rumor is that drilling companies don’t like walk ins. Definitely different than the OSV sector.

Good luck with the search.

I only had luck walking in and talking to someone at Diamond Drilling, and they ended up being really nice. Sea Drill, Transocean, Ensco, and Pacific wouldn’t even let me talk to anyone beyond the person at the front desk. I heard Noble takes walk ins,but I didn’t stop there when I was in Houston.

Good Luck

Bon Chance. Let us know how it goes for you

I did that a year ago when I went to Kongsberg on my ow dime. they wouldn’t allow me to apply. Period.

Well boys, that doesn’t sound to reassuring! I’m giving it a go just the same, and really appreciate the heads up and the reception I’ll most likely get. Who knows, might just get lucky. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’d like to see more on this. Where’s 808mate with the update?

just a hunch, i would bet he found what he was looking for. sitting good and silent. when i fished for a living the ones who were in search went dead silent as soon as they landed on em, this is just from my own perspective. it was fun reading the radio, playing hunches and learning traits of others while fishing.