Knock Knock

Who’s There…
TheNoisySeagull Who?..
ahh hell I’m not good at these jokes, but just wanted to post a hello all of those on this forum! :wink:

I also wanted to say that I have been watching this forum for a few months now and it has been a great educational tool in helping me learn more about the maritime industry! Thank you everybody, as you all have been a big help in helping me choose this industry as a career. I have just accepted my admittance offer to the Great Lakes Maritime Academy for their three year deck officer program (not the four year program as I will graduating this coming may with a B.A in History and minor in Ethnic and Gender Studies). Can’t wait to start the program next fall though I am little nervous.

However I do have a question to ask as I can’t seem to find an answer in the forum as I have searched for awhile. How well do the cooks work with those with special diets? I’m asking this as I have Celiac Disease and cannot eat gluten which is found in wheat,barley and rye (similar to an allergy). All I can find online it that those traveling as passengers on non-cruise ships can not get special accommodations. When I toured GMA John (director of admissions) told me that they can accommodation special diets as long as you give them advanced notice. However I am hesitant to believe this due to my many negative experiences, even lost my job a few years ago (summer camp staff) as they refused to provide the food that I needed.

Thanks your time! :o